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Effective 4 Jan 09, all comments are screened and most family related entries may be screened "Friends Only" depending on content. Maintaining my personal life and privacy is important.

Friending Policy
Feel free to friend me if you like, though I'd ask you to send a brief introduction comment or message. Don't get upset if I don't friend you back in return (immediately or ever). Please don't be offended if I don't add you back. All of my photography appears on the public side of this journal. Most family and private matters stay as "friends-only" posts. As I get to know 'you' either in person or in commentary, I may add you. Even if I don't add you, don't be surprised though if I should drop an ocassional comment into your journal from time to time.
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I was just going through my friends list here and was stunned at how many people haven't written or updated here in forever. In some cases, people just vanished quietly. In others, they left a 'final' note saying where they'd moved their account/blogging. I'm tempted to clear the list but the only way to do that in some cases is to ban people and though it dumps their (dead) account, it's still rude. I tend to believe there's only about 30 people on my mutual friends list that are still active here or comment.

While it's depressing, seeing people come and go, it's part of how things change. I'm stubborn and will probably be using LJ in one form or another till whenever. It's a dinosaur, but it's one I've invested years in.
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Just completed a bit of year end maintenance on the community and thought folks would like to know. I removed about 350 "deleted and purged" accounts from the community. There's probably another 80 accounts which have been "deleted" but haven't reached the end of the line when LJ removes the data (and any hope of return). Surprisingly I saw two 'suspended' accounts.

Year to date, we hit our highest membership of 13187 active accounts. Using Google Analytics, not counting repeat hits by the same individual ISP/address, we had 34500+ unique visitors come to the community and view a page. This year, we only had 3 notable SPAM / Phishing attempts (all of which were deleted). We also only had four events where the moderators had to step in. You guys are great at staying civil, mature and self-policing.

The only event that truly disturbs me is the copy and paste copyright infringements by [livejournal.com profile] pansypoo. I've had to remove them twice from the member list despite a ban in place. I again urge people to visit her Blogger account and file DMCA complaints if you see your photos in her blog used without your permission.

Beyond that, it's been a remarkable year here in "AbandonedPLaces." Next year should be even better!
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Folks, please pay close attention to your e-mail and e-mail accounts. In the past two days, I've recieved a bunch of SPAM e-mails from accounts that have been previously trusted trying to send me to suspect website. As a rule, if you get an e-mail that only has a link and no explanation, DON'T open it! This has been coupled with several phishing messages trying to collect personal info. Looks like the hackers and scammers are at it again.

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I takes da pictures;
I edits da pictures;
I posts da pictures;
and den I start all over again
and again...
and again...

Insanity is defined as the act of doing the same thing and expecting different results. I'm trying so very hard to avoid burning out but I feel my motivation to take up the camera and do the necessary back work is ebbing. I feel like I'm getting further and further behind in showing the images that I take. I haven't been able to make any progress on getting the website rebuilt. Though I'm close to having a gallery space, I'm afraid that if I get it, I'll have spent so much energy on getting to this point that I won't have any for advertising, building sales and such. Sales... yeah.. For as much of a reputation as I have, sales just aren't zipping along. Yes, a gallery would help as would a website.. Damn vicious circles...

This blog is looking more and more like a photo gallery and less like a place for me to post my thoughts and whims. It's not that I don't have things to say. It's more that I get to the computer and find myself struck by an amazing sense of writer's block, apathy or mental exhaustion. That's probably fueling my frustration in photography as well.

On that note, I finally remembered to upload 70+ images from Ego Likenss's show last November. I'll put them up in a separate and less frustrated post.
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Wow! No other way to describe it. This past Friday, I took the day off and drove to Atlanta for the 21+ convention known as "FroliCon". Armed with the invitation to discuss the in's and out's of abandoned site photography, I wrote what turned into a 2 1/2 page outline of the why's, how's, where's and so forth relating to site research, exploration, legalities, safety and more. When I got to the event, I had the pleasure of meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] photognome (my co-host) and with many other great folks from the abandoned places community.

We had about 20 people attend the presentation and it lasted the full hour and thirty minutes. Lots of good Q&A, lots of good images shown and more importantly, it was fun. Color me surprised and honored, but thank you to all the folks who came up to me after the panel and offered thanks and compliments. For all my personality, I do tend to be a modest person about my skills or activities like this kind of stuff.

I'm already planning for a meet and shoot with da'Gnome and possibly with others. I need to get into the field and shoot more around the region.

Mea Culpa

Feb. 12th, 2009 06:43 pm
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I am supremely embarassed. I accidently posted a photo that violated one of my principles of photography. Without realizing it, I showed them in an unflattering manner. Said image has been deleted from the post(s) it was in and deleted from the on-line directory it lived in. To the offended party, who shall remain nameless, I'm very sorry. I really didn't see the problem till you pointed it out. People may think I'm only kidding about protecting the subjects I shoot (whether at shows, concerts, modeling sessions or elsewise), but I genuinely abide by my principles and am upset when a mistake makes it appear elsewise.
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On Sunday night (4 Jan 09) we had 6894 members and about 7100 officially watching. We were averaging 6 posts per day.



As of 5 minutes ago, [livejournal.com profile] abandonedplaces had just under 8100 members and about 7600 watching. The community is growing at 10 members per hour. We have had nearly 90 posts in three days, and close to 600 comments. Most of these have been insightful, good natured and patient. I'm very pleased with the maturity many members (old and new) have shown thus far.

This has been amazing!
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Ladies and gents, due to my own stupidity in how understanding how the net policies at my office applied, I will now be posting the nature photo of the day at approximately 6:30 am Pacific Time from her on out. The music selection of the week will continue to appear on Fridays though closer to 6 pm.

This also means folks, I will be checking my LJ F-list in the early morning or evenings. If you need to get ahold of me, most of you know how. If it's an emergency, you should already have my contact info at work. If not, contact me.
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Folks, please be patient. Apparently LJ is being a little gimpy right now. Comments and replies are not appearing in my message inbox (or many of yours too) and they're being slow coming into e-mail (which I know are there but can't open where I am now).

It's sorta reminding me of my situation MySpace in this respect. As of Friday my page at MySpace simply vanished. No explanation, not even phantom info left up. At this point I don't think it's been hacked. I believe it is is due to maintenance at their end. Either way, I've never had this much trouble with that blog space before - EVER.
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As I'm sure some of you may have noticed, I've been publishing a number of recent photos from shows and activities since the first of the year. The thought is to try and get recent activities published as quickly as possible.

Order of priorities:

1. Paid photo gigs of any type* (automatically first priority)
2. Recent events and shows (recent as in within the last month)
3. Modeling shoots*
4. Abandoned Sites hunts
5. Nature

* Model photography requires more careful screening and editing

I'm taking care of recent sets now, and as they are completed, I'm working backwards to older shoots, in the priorities listed above.

This being said, I'd like to point out new offers and new policies (copied from my profile):

I can and have been hired for the last two areas and am available for shoots.

Concerts and Events;
* In the Los Angeles area, I offer a killer package for emerging bands and performers. I will photograph up to an hour set, guaranteeing 40 high quality images on CD-r usable for promotional purposes. The cost: $50 - 75 (negotiable based on show location), guest pass and stage access.

Ask me about other entertainment photo options!

Models, Burlesque Performers and Individuals of Interest
* At present, I'm doing limited TFP photo sessions. Ask! Photo sessions are cost negotiable. I'm willing to photograph: costumed, fetish (negotiable), erotic, artistic nudes, pin-up, headshots, portraiture, special events/parties.

As a policy, I prefer not working with under-age subjects (18+, sorry). I prefer not to, based on liability; my requirement they have an escort and personal experience. These are difficult shoots due to logistics and the greater measure of care that must be exercise to protect the subject and the photographer. As such, I will consider shoots on a case by case basis.
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I did a bit of culling from the friend's list last night and this morning. In some cases these were accounts of folks I no-longer hear from, in some cases they don't update (or respond to comments) and in a few our mutual interests have diverged. If you feel I pulled your account without cause or you want back on, let me know privately.
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I added this yesterday but thought that I should point it out here too.

Friending Policy
Feel free to friend me if you like, though I'd ask you to send a brief introduction comment or message. Don't get upset if I don't friend you back in return (immediately or ever). All of my photography appears on the public side of this journal. Family and private matters stay as "friends-only" posts. As I get to know 'you' either in person or in commentary, I may add you. Don't be surprised though if I should drop an ocassional comment into your journal in the mean time.
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Has anyone been having trouble recieving message notifications on personal entries or on community entries you've tapped to track? I've gotten one notice for every 5 replies and am having to constantly go back and check for replies.
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Say what?!..

I feel it’s time to clarify a few things before continuing this life.

Several weeks ago, I made an effort to do a bit of “spring cleaning” on my f-list. This was done in part because I was missing important notifications and posts from people. Many of the folks I removed either were not active (no posts or comments), their interests or mine had changed, or they not reciprocating my level of openness (ie. constant streams of filtered material). It was not done maliciously nor to imply disfavor. I even went on to add several folks that I barely know or that I was in some cases was giving second chances to people (more on that in a bit).
Seeking the Rules of Engagement

The friending process )
Private posts and personal content )
Replies to posts and comments )

And now the $64,000 dollar question,
Why do I post what I do )
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Mayhap I should clarify - I'm not ejecting people. I deleted a number of accounts from who I watched, not who can watch me. Very few of my entries are "friends only" (I think 3 in the last 4 years). Mainly those removed were acquaintances that I've lost touch with, duplicate accounts, people who've stopped posting/commenting and a couple high mx types.

In a number of cases there are folks who've friended me, but because I don't know well or they only are watching the photo stream, I haven't friended in return. This isn't a personal jab in the least bit. Its a measure of practicality. Try reading a friend's page thats's 8+ pages long - per day. Plus do understand I manage several communities as well. As I get to know people by comments or discussion, I add them in return. In most cases I check in on everyone who's friended me on and off, and I may comment in your LJ's at random (so it might seem). If you don't write anything, I tend to assume its a passive account (read only) or a dead account (inactivity). There's only a couple of folks I've held on my f-list despite inactivity and his it because they are personal old friends. Make sense?

Please read, watch and enjoy.
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Just as the rains are falling outside and the winds are howling, I decided it was time to do a bit of spring cleaning on the f-list. I removed a few and may zap a couple duplicate accounts from the list too in a bit. Don't take it personally. If you want back on, comment, say something.. Inactivity or duplication was the main reason behind the removals or deletions.


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