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A month ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with one of my LJ friends in San Diego. [livejournal.com profile] zoonew is a fellow photographer and she wanted show me some of the sights and photo spots around her community. We didn’t have any particular places in mind for this trip, and instead we wandered the city in search of places she’d be comfortable with and knew for their beauty. It was well worth the drive and certainly a very fun day.

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A month ago, I had the pleasure of meeting with one of my LJ friends in San Diego. [livejournal.com profile] zoonew is a fellow photographer and she wanted show me some of the sights and photo spots around her community. We didn’t have any particular places in mind for this trip, and instead we wandered the city in search of places she’d be comfortable with and knew for their beauty. It was well worth the drive and certainly a very fun day.

We met at a community center called the “Epicentre” where I found these

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Tonight, Fright Night LA. Woot! It's fun and you should ALL try to get there at least once. The kids and I are going out to the Souterh California Renaissance Pleasure Faire on Saturday. It's very likely that after dropping the kids off at the homestead afterwards, I will be headed to The Radioactive Chicken Heads show in LA. Trish may be joining me, in which case we may also or alternatively visit Bar Sinister too. Sunday, fencing/youth combat practice early and Dr. Sketchy's LA late..

Damn, I need a weekend from my weekend.

BTW, the next sets of photos incoming will be from:

The Bobbie Burlesque Valentine's show (what I can salvage),
The San Diego Wander in March;
Abandoned Sites along the Route 66 (Victorville to Barstow)

Speaking of abandoned sites, I'm making one final effort to get onto the former George AFB (Southern California Logistics Airport) to photograph several buildings. In fact, I contacted the authorities who manage the site, because the pace of demolition has increased dramatically as has their security measures. Over 50 buildings (mainly housing and 1950's era warehouses) have been torn down in the last 3 months. Phase 2 of their renovation plans kicks off in two months and another 54 buildings will be pulled down.
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Due to personal issues, the photo post for the Radioactive Chicken Heads performance is delayed till 2pm Pacific time. Additional highlight photos from the Vintage Vamps show (last Thursday) are delayed till tomorrow. Photos from the February Fright Night LA show will start tomorrow as well.

And on a further related note, 4 hours sleep sucks.

We appologize for this delay and thank you for using Brute Force Cybernetics fine products and services
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I promised a little announcement yesterday and by the time I could get back to the computer again at home, I was too scatter-brained to thoughtfully write this up. Recent events (lack of paying clients, computer crash and increasing fuel costs) are making me seriously re-evaluate my options in the photography business. When I started into this, I planned to keep it a fun, side project, with the hopes of earning some much needed added income. The show photos, event sets and modeling shoots have been a blast. I’ve also met some incredible people so far and have been very appreciative of the various opportunities.

Taking photos is a joy; however, the image processing is genuine work. In the last two months, I’ve found myself increasing getting behind in getting to photos. The home computer I work on photos with, is also the only one hooked to the net in the house currently so I have to share it so some extent. That’s going to change in the near future, however, time resources for that set-up is limited. I’ve also tried to load Photoshop on the kid’s computer so I could work there while they get on-line, but we're having some issues there. Processing a 200+ photos set, takes about a week (4 hours per day over 6 days) to select photos, edit them, attach tags, upload and post them. More importantly, my kids want (and deserve) my attentions. They have gotten righteously annoyed when I’m on working on photos excessively and without benefit.

Photography isn’t a cheap hobby. Many folks had commented on how they wanted photos done and would be interested in paying, but those gigs never materialized. In some cases, I’ve allocated time and resources over and above what I probably should have for several TFP shoots. Perhaps the same can be said for event/show photography. Driving to Los Angeles several times a week for shows gets pricey when gas hits $3 / gallon (plus it’s an hour’s drive to LA / Hollywood from Lancaster). I have appreciated being admitted gratis to a number of events, but those are few and far in between. I’m looking for some help and / or advice here.

Until I’m able to become independently wealthy or find some other options, here’s the plan. I’m not giving up on photography, shows and such by any means, but I am going to restrict it a bit.

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I was asked this in a previous post and replied to it in comment, then I thought about it. This is detailed enough that I really should explain what and how I'm doing what I'm doing.

My work flow and creative process is more than a bit convoluted. It can best be described as a mix of time management and artistic motivation.

Time MisManagement
Beyond the aspects of having a full time job that doesn’t approve of my working on personal projects (like Livejournal), the other full time job of raising kids, I try to devote a couple hours each night to image processing work, unless the brain cells simply aren’t there to support creativity. For each photo set, I impart a priority level based on the nature of the photos (art, event or time critical/paid gigs). Obviously the time critical images get the most attention earliest. The basic process is this:

1. Upload the images to the computer.
2. Make an initial review of images to rotate and/or delete as required.
3. Make a CD-r of all remaining, unedited photos.
(at this point is where the delays frequently become established)
4. Make a thorough and critical editing selection of images to modify.
5. Using Photoshop 7.0 and Microsoft PictureIt 7.0 image editing as necessary.
6. Upload edited photos to hosting service.
7. Copy edited photos to CD-r.
a. Copy to the artist / performer / organizer as req.
8. Upload highlight photos and commentary as necessary to Livejournal.
a. Cross link to MySpace as necessary.
b. Upload selected highlights to upcoming website.

Artistic Motivation
Items 4 & 5 are heavily affected by my creative mood. I’ll work in spurts to get things done based on motivation or exhaustion. Work, home and other responsibilities can sap that time available and desire. It’s one of the reasons my website is not done now. My webpage designer kinda stalled on me, and I was going to step in, but I’ve been too swamped to fight with it as much as I’d like.

The type of shoot also has an impact on how and what I do. Abandoned places and nature shoots tend to be approached as photojournalism. I may make minor adjustments to the images to highlight a given area or make something more noticeable, but that’s it. For events and shows, I will do more extensive adjustments to input levels (light, color and exposure) to balance out the shots. Until I get a top end D-SLR, my Minolta simply isn’t fast enough to capture some higher speed low light imagery. For model shoots, I will do whatever is necessary to get the best image. This means some basic retouching, background enhancements and filtering to improve the final image and still retain it’s character.
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The November 5th Cabaret Des Vampyr burlesque show at Little Pedro's I mentioned, earlier.. Cancelled.. Gotta go on Sunday the 28th if I'm going to go. Damn, must get new flash... ::sigh::
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I’m always one for a good challenge. Organizing the chaos that is my daily routine, including the short and long term planning; all while juggling the wants and needs of my kids, is one such challenge. Just when I think I’ve gotten it figured out, Fate throws me a slider or a curve ball and I have to readjust my swing and planning. For example..

Today, I get to drive to Torrance to pick up my malcontent houseguest and aspiring model, Trish. She went down there to “visit a friend” but almost immediately new photos with her and her friend showed up on her MySpace account. Because I will have to get her and fight traffic (both ways) in LA, I can’t make it to the special Fright Night LA tonight. Wanted to stop by but I’m going to be too stressed and tired from that gawd awful drive.

The weekend is looking equally maddening. Saturday the day starts with a soccer match at 10ish for Chris, followed by a Halloween gathering / party for Brenna (at the house) from 1-4pm. After that, the question is whether or not to Haunt Tour or not. Grimmstone doesn’t open till Sunday and it is a Must See.

Sunday is the “day of rest.” Yeah right. My options for Sunday:
Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School from 2 to 5 in Hollywood (which I received a very personal invite to)

The Cabaret Des Vampyr burlesque show is going on at Little Pedro’s Blue Bongo, doors at 7:15 and show at 8pm. A second show will be on November 5th.

The Haunt Tour from about 6 to 11pm

Helping Christina get moved somewhere (location TBD)

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Check out this article and the unbelievable photo this person caught. The lightning strike is pretty much within 50 feet of him.

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Alrighty, I’ve been bad. I’ve certainly been meaning to post many of these for several weeks. Illness, personal funk and other issues have kept me from formatting the 120+ photos from the luncheon and party the next day. These photos are ones I either very much liked because of the situation or the candid expression of the subjects.

To note, in a number of these photos, I’ve edited (usually cropping only) any embarrassing aspects. Oh speaking of “embarr*ass*ing” aspects, no gratuitous nudity is going to be posted. It does not mean there's nothing suggestive.

Angie and Vikki (no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get the color quite the way I wanted)

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Continuing photo samples from the wedding.

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Gee where to start…?

On Friday, I took off half a day of work to photograph a young friend’s wedding. For those of you not following on the home game, Angie [livejournal.com profile] oneintheyarbles was marrying her long time boyfriend Ben. Angie’s also the young lady I had been trying to get together with last Fall in order to do a modeled photo-shoot. They essentially approached me to capture their wedding. I did that and a bit more to include site selection recommendation, supplying some minor decorations, helping to clean it up and even offering up my phone number as a point people could call for directions.

Shooting the wedding )

Saturday – SCA event and little surprises )

Shooting the wedding reception )

Wedding Photos &
Photos from a January Abandoned Sites trip
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This weekend I had the most amazing and fun time. Thanks to Amanda kindly watching the kids over the weekend, I was able to drive up and do a photo shoot with Brigit ([livejournal.com profile] channel6). On Saturday, we collaborated on various settings take over 300 head shots, torso, costumed and various erotic (nude and semi-nude) photos. There was probably another 100 shots that we deleted and didn’t count in that final mix. We played with lighting, poses, filters and so forth. It was amazing and without a doubt, I learned a huge amount. Some of the photos will appear tonight here and uploaded to my gallery and will trickle in over the next few weeks. To note: Brigit is a great model. She’s thoughtful, creative and very responsive to suggestions. Everything stayed very professional and respectful leaving neither of us uncomfortable.

On Sunday, she showed me the county park where she used to work. We wandered amidst the huge redwoods and ferns enjoying the amazing beauty. She pointed out some of the natural and historical aspects of the park that many of the visitors (and possibly current park rangers) likely have no clue about. I added another 50 or so photos of this ancient forest grove and surrounding environment. It was very refreshing and energizing.

If anything has convinced me to pursue photography professionally, this weekend has had a major impact.


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