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If I'd Been The One"

So many memories with this song.
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Little Lion Man

Remember I picked Arcade Fire just before the Grammy Awards. This band played as a new artist last year and is also up for an award this year. I'm pretty sure you'll see them on stage.
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Polish Girl
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Sunset in July - Live

Listening to this sound somehow takes me back to California and some very fond memories.
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Rain Dance Maggie - I miss stuff like this popping up in SoCal
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OK, going back to my old skool Gothic Industrial roots. These guys have reinvented themselves as many times as the Stones and seem to be just as long lived. Great band playing I'mmortal
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Lovesong in all its versions has always been a favorite. JES's version is an interesting take on it. Danceable yet true to the feel of the song.

Happy 4-20

Apr. 20th, 2011 06:58 am
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Blind Mellon - No Rain
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Live - Hella Good (2001)
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These guys are incredible. Their first CD "The Greatest Show Unearthed" is still one of my all time favorites.

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Feeling This
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Arcade Fire came away with the biggest prize of the night in what can only be one of the biggest upsets in Grammy history. Perhaps this is a really good upset. Arcade Fire represents the rise and growth of the entire alternative music scene. The Suburbs (Album) is clean, sharp and a complete departure from the styles of music represented in the category. Think about it..

Lady Gaga - Highly produced, dance (7 million sold)
Lady Antebelum - Country rock (4 million sold)
Eminem - Classic rap (5 million sold)
Katie Perry - Pop, bubble gum rock (3 million sold)

All but Katie won awards at this year's awards and honestly I thought this was a recognition nomination for the alt side of the industry and the band versus a competitive. I had to scape my jaw back up off the floor when they were announced.

If you don't remember my post from January 15th, you should go back and look at this the video of the whatever when I featured them.

or this version (which leads a full concert)

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Ghosts - For some of the abandoned site community, the sites they used for this video should look very familiar (Mojave desert, Antelope Acres, Trona, and the Salton Sea).
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Since I happened to mention Neon Trees in the last post..

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Some of my friends are probably looking at the title of this and are scratching their heads. Katy is a damn good musician. Yes, its pop, but yes stuff shows signs of brilliance.

This is Firework

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Troublemaker - its sooooo appropriate, and now back to our regularly scheduled programming...
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Baptized by Fire was my first introduction to this artist. So far so good.
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Video Killed the Internet Star

This is just frackin brilliant. Currently hot on Alt_Nation (Sirrus/XM), if you like an alt take on zombies you'll love this.
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Back in the early 80's the Pacific NW music scene was a hodge podge. Grunge was still only being played in the garages and small clubs there. Instead, bands like Quarterflash and Nu Shooz were popular bands from that region. A few days ago, I heard this being played over a store loudspeaker and had a flashback to college.

Branded as a one hit wonder (incorrectly - they had 2 top 10s and another in the top 40), Nu Shooz was a guilty pleasure.


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