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While recovering data and photos from a dead external drive I found a few sets needing to be re-edited and uploaded.

Winter 2011 - Decatur, AL

Driving the back roads between Huntsville and Florence, my wife and I saw this 1950's era farm house. Despite the storms and tornadoes that frequent the region, this little brick house seemed to have been much loved. It sat forlorn on the side of a busy highway in the February chill. Road improvements cut off the driveway and raised the roadbed nearly 2 feet (.6 meters), so I had to park my vehicle a little ways from it and walk in.

Abandoned 003FCa

Over the fields and into the past.. )
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Here’s a blast from the past. In April 2008, I did several wanders into the desert around Lancaster with my kids. I recently recovered these images from a storage drive that failed.

These would be some of my last Southern California explorations before moving to the wilds of Northern Alabama. We explored 3 sites on this trip before the winds came up so strongly that they created a dust storm. The houses were all within sight of each other but not part of the same farm. In each case, they appear to have been departed in haste (foreclosed).

Lost Horizons… [19 behind the cut] )
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Meant to get back to this set a while ago but been busy.

After exploring around the main houses, the outbuildings beckoned. The outbuildings were once used for storage, some were living quarters and others for livestock. Some held surprises that may cause people nightmares for years to come.

“Half full or half empty?”

Delving into the past [17 behind the cut] )
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Bombay Beach – Long road to ruin

According to the US Census in 1990, Bombay Beach showed a little over 900 residents. By the 2000 Census that is down to 368 residents and stats further show the residents are either retirees, or low median incomes. In simple terms, they’re either to old and stubborn to leave or they’re too poor to find a way out. These are the kinds of folks that endure the smell, the toxic clouds of alkali salt stirred up by wind storms and polluted waters nearby.

As a case in point, after exploring the ruins on the lake side of the levee, we backtracked to a home complex on the “live” side of town. According to a youngster who gave me and [livejournal.com profile] fynoda something of a guide tour of this place, the extended family that had lived here for decades, finally found another place in Riverside and had planned to come back to get the rest of their stuff.. Several years passed and people ransacked the house. See, people don’t sell their houses/trailers here, they abandon them and deny they ever existed.

Paradise lost? (21 behind the cut) )
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Some places are weird. Some places are eerie. Some places are haunting. This last site we visited was out there on the seriously disturbing side. It combined all the elements above along with some I wasn’t sure even existed. The site had a very dead stillness to it that gave the impression we were being watched from within and from outside. Mesh bars on bedroom windows, listening the footsteps down a hall we were looking at and graffiti that can only be described as bizarre.

Trailer Trash or Trashed Trailer

Elephants and Bunnies and ghosts oh my [15 Behind the cut] )
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As the sun was heading towards the western horizon, we saw this beautiful farm house. In fact, we actually passed it and doubled back as I wasn’t convinced it was actually abandoned. Sure enough it was and this became the gem of this trip. I think you’ll agree.

Cozy, warm and sturdy [10 Behind the cut] )
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Admin Announcements:
I’ve been doing a bit of reorganizing of my Photobucket files and accounts. To be able to find trip files and photos, I’ve been shifting older trips dating back to 2004 and 2005into archive files based on the year versus the name of the trip. This means that links to older photos are now broken. Instead of relinking each photo set posted to Live Journal, I’m going to generate slide shows for these trips and repost them in the coming months to my new photo-journal. [livejournal.com profile] desert_vision was originally going to be a clearing house BBS for the area, but as of 17 Sept 07, it will become the home for all my various photo projects. This doesn’t mean that I’ll stop posting here, but this will allow me to show off all my photo work (nature, burlesque shows, concerts, events, nature and abandoned places) in one place, while my personal LJ will be a place for highlights and personal posts.

Back to the trip:
After visiting the various shacks around Lake Los Angeles, we swung north and cut across the least traversed back-roads of the Antelope Valley. Sandwiched between Edwards AFB and oblivion were several faded communities. This little farmhouse and associated stuff, leapt out and grabbed our attention.

Truckin, got m’chips cashed in..[18 Behind the cut] )
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Due to a number of circumstances, I’m just getting these images posted. In fact, this past Sunday I edited, sized and uploaded nearly 450 abandoned site photos. During this wander my kids, Brenna ([livejournal.com profile] persephone1313) and Chris explored a number of sites in and to the east of the cities I live and work in. During the following months [livejournal.com profile] badgerphone and I went on several exploring rampages around the Antelope Valley and Mojave. These explorations were some of the happiest and most creative I’ve ever gone on. More on those later...

Many places in the Antelope Valley have receded into nothing more then foundations and memories. One of the first places we found was the remains of the Jet Drive-In Theater.

Screen support bracket

Matinee visit, hold the popcorn [14 behind the cut] )
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After yesterday’s collapse of Live Journal (due to a power failure), hopefully everyone is not playing too much in the way of catch up.

When we left the Greystone Café, we bypassed around the Marine Logistics Center and got back onto old Route 66. We were well rewarded. Between Barstow and Daggett are more than a few ruins but they are tucked a fair distance off the highway long ago washed out or blocked driveways. Some seem to cling to their existence despite the harsh conditions here.

Another town, another bar [xx behind the cut] )
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The last complex of houses we visited before forcing ourselves away (and getting lunch) allowed perhaps for the most creativity. It was also the most telling in the transition from lived in to decayed beyond repair.

Sit a spell, there’s cookies in the ovens [XX behind the cut] )
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From the Pigeon Homes we continued eastward. The sheer number of abandoned / closed up houses and businesses along the highway was nothing less than astonishing. After counting 20 sites, I simply gave up. There were so many of varying types and uses, that I simply couldn't choose what places to explore or leave. Many were recently boarded up by the transportation department crews. In a few cases, there were still unused boards and bolts sitting hidden in porch areas of houses. All the houses still had electric meters attached.

Welcome to the ghost lands [14 behind the cut] )
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As we continued eastward into the Barstow area, it became increasingly apparent something odd was going on. No more than 300 yards / meters down the highway we started seeing survey stakes and markers. Within a mile of the first house, we saw two forlorn homes boarded up next to each other. Welcome to the Pigeon Homes.

Anyone care for squab? [12 behind the cut] )
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So many roads less traveled exist out there. This isn’t one of them. The California Hwy 58 corridor between Barstow and Bakersfield is one of the busiest, non-interstate highways in the US. Because of its level of use, CalTrans (California Dept of Transportation) has been steadily working at the road by expanding many of the two lane sections and eliminating chokepoints. In layman’s terms, this means removing homes, bypassing communities and sterilizing the area of any roadside character. That being said, we took a trip out along the 58 heading east towards Barstow with the intention of mainly driving along Route 66 beyond what we’d seen already. Instead, we found things along CA Hwy 58 that we’d not anticipated. Angie [livejournal.com profile] badgerphone, my daughter Brenna [livejournal.com profile] persephone1313, my son Chris and I went a wandering in May and here’s what we found.

Before cruising down the 58 we made one stop at the Revere Extrusion Plant (ruins) to show the site to Angie. She posted photos on her LJ much closer to the visit than these, but while scouting the site for safety, I found a 5 to 6 foot long Great Basin Gopher Snake. If you’re phobic of snakes do not look behind the first cut, proceed to the second one.

Slitherly Thing )
On the road again )
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For some of you who've read this journal, the story of Felicia is something of a legend. Today we discovered that legends can end. My friend [livejournal.com profile] badgerphone and I went hunting for the elusive Felicia. We were stunned to find that Floyd's Place (a primary Felicia site) had been heavily damaged by an intentional arson fire. Another photographer was there when we arrived and said that she did indeed have a car and could drive off, but he didn't know what happened to her.

We drove to Bessie's place (nearby) and discovered that another intentional fire had been attempted there, but did not get out of hand. We searched in the nearby areas for signs but nothing. We'll search more tomorrow. Pictures to follow later.

For those who aren’t sure who Felicia is, I’m including links to previous posts about her and the places she has been discovered at. Theses links go to my LJ (easier to find) but where cross posted on “Abandonedplaces” as well.

The original articles:
Floyd’s Place (May 06)





Bessie’s Place: (September 06)


Night Raid (Sept 06)

Trailer trash (October 06)


There are more articles, but this should give you all a good start. Use the search box in my profile page to look for other Felicia posts if you feel the whim.
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For your abandoned site and desolation photo fix..

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