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I haven't forgotten about this site or abandoned it. Life has been keeping me too occupied to post much.

Here's a preview of an exploration taken this summer. Many more to follow!

The little shack on the cliff
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Out of the images pulled from the old drive, I also have photos from a second site we visited on that cold February afternoon - a former filling station. It wasn't much. The neighborhood was sketchy which probably contributed to the demise of this former Raceway gas station (petrol station). With the cold, the locals didn't choose to come see what I was doing, so a few photos were had.

Abandoned 052FCa
We're sorry but this number is no longer in service...

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Viewing the front side of the buildings on Main Street, Louisville, put it into perspective for me. Many of the businesses invested heavily in the appearance to impress potential customers. On much of Main Street, these frontages contain a surprise. They aren’t the original entrances.

 photo LouisvilleVisit355FCa.jpg

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Here’s another gem from the past I’d forgotten about. Several years ago, while visiting family in the area, I took my daughter to explore a series of buildings in downtown Louisville I was surprised to see derelict. They were only a few blocks away from the YUM Center (Basketball arena) and in an area that had been full of clubs.

 photo LouisvilleVisit342FCa.jpg
Walking down the alley behind these buildings we spied an unusual sight

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Finishing the exploration.

As the city employees who were my escort took me deeper and deeper into the former high school, the dust and age of the ‘left-overs’ gave the impression that these areas had been largely untouched even by the swatters and metals thieves. There were several areas that disturbingly colder than the surroundings. Before it’s asked, no, I didn’t notice any permanent residents.

Boys and Girls Club photo School095FCa_zps0014f40f.jpg

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Here's a preview of things to come or is that things past?

US Civil War era Fort Negley in Nashville
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Continuing our exploration of the Chase Nursery complex we found some unique surprises

Chase Nursery appears to have finally foundered and declared bankruptcy in 1993. Since this was a family owned business, sorting out the business financials from the family’s took several years. Eventually portions of the property (including this one) were sold to a local university for agricultural uses.


Regrowth [18 behind the cut] )
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On New Years Eve (31 Dec 10), I took my daughter out on a wander to the east side of town. Several places there had caught my interest over the past couple years and we needed some father - daughter time.

Barcoloungers on the Edge of Eternity

Chase Nursery was a massive operation that encompassed thousands of acres and employed hundreds worker. It was set up in the same manner as many of the southern mill towns of the same era (1880-1930's). It had a store, infirmary, and housing for the workers. The operation provided flowers and live plants to much of the eastern US via refrigerated railway cars from their own company siding (http://www.northalabamarailroadmuseum.com/restored.htm) through a succession of railroads. The Chase Nursery covered most of the land east of Monte Sano The Chase family and their business were so prominent that the northeastern 'burbs of Huntsville is called "Chase" and "Chase Gardens."

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Rolling into Madison at the end of our wander, my son Chris and I choose to explore a site that my wife had pointed out to me the prior winter. The building appears to have been a home converted in a garden shop or a daycare. I lean towards garden shop. The business closed up when another business was built between it and the main road, cutting off access to customers. Had it not been for a Sunday and the newer business being closed, I’m sure that we would likely have attracted attention.

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As we moved past Athens, I noticed a complex of industrial buildings that seemed out of place near miles of farm fields. Then I realized this was a raw cotton mill. Many of these closed in the US during the 80’s and again in the late 90’s when cheap cotton from overseas and Mexico.

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Returning to the story of our summer wander across north Alabama, we got into Athens, Al and spied this old barn. My son and I pulled into a nearby mini-mall parking lot to scout it out. Since we observed a number of new "No Tresspass" signs around it and more than a few eyes on us, I had Chris stay with the car and took several photos quickly without entering the building which turned out to be a saw mill and machine shop.

Gone but not forgotten <img src= )
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Some sites don't want to be explored. In the years I've been doing this, I've concluded that there are some locations that for various reasons defy exploration. This roadside (formerly track-side) house is one of them.

Photo by my son Chris

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Down on the farm

During our drive back from Florence towards Huntsville, my son and I stopped at several places that I didn’t let him join me in shooting. In some cases, speed was of the essence or I just didn’t feel it was safe. This old farm house fit both of those bills. It was exposed and I knew that from the moment I stopped, we’d be noticed. I had him stay in the car and I ran in for a guerilla set.

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In the United States, today is the Martin Luther King Jr holiday. Several years ago the US chose to honor the slain civil right leader on his birthday to recognize his and in effect, many thousands of others contributions to be equal regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, and by extension, sexual preference (note: many civil rights laws enacted have been used to protect the LGBT community).

In Huntsville, there is a relic of that era. A former segregated high school building still stands in silent testimony of the days when black children and white children did not attend the same schools. Welcome to William Councill High School.

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Continuing our wander across north Alabama, we found a fireworks booth in front of devastated storefront. My son and I explored the place thoroughly and were impressed.

Taken by my son Chris; the sign reads “House of Games”

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Happy New Year everyone! I’ve got some surprises for you. Right now, I’ve got 7 sites edited and uploaded for posting. Four more sets are awaiting my editing attention. I also found a set of files tucked away in a little used back-up directory. These included sets from 2007 at several sites in the Southern California desert. Needless to say, I’ll be contributing a bit more this year than before.

Last summer, following an interesting photo-shoot with several individuals, my son Chris and I decided to (finally) explore a number of locations on the hour drive from Florence, AL to Huntsville. The first place we looked at was the ‘historic’ Florence Railway Depot. Built to serve the line that ran from Memphis, TN to Chattanooga, TN, the depot was instrumental in moving goods from the many small local factories and raw cotton from fields around to the rest of the country.

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Lost Birmingham
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Off to church

I've seen the ruins of this old church in central Birmingham, AL and finally got time to explore it a bit. The church was orginally a Greek Orthodox parish and as the congregation moved on, it found a second life as an African-American church. The first time I saw it, it was burned out and I knew I had to get photos. It's boarded up and shows signs of renovation.

Deep in prayer )
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Wanderings and surprises

While the hotel in my previous post was a single surviving ediface, many places still standing, only cling to existance. These are a mix of multiple sites from Gulfport thru Long Beach, MS.

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This country store/attached home is a throw back to the days before WalMart gobbled up the local mom & pop stores. We found it last year and have since gotten a line on the property owner. This place is a time machine.

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