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While on the updating binge.. The previous week has been busy. After a lot of loading, reloading and creative searching, I’ve got the primary home computer about 95% healthy. There were way too many nights spent on the phone with Microsoft Customer Service (in New Delhi) to get portions of the configuration files loaded and be sure that things work. In the final analysis, I lost all the documents and personal pictures on the C drive/My Documents directories, but fortunately had already backed up all my music and photos to the external hard drive. As a curious bit of happenstance, the week that my PC was down, Trish’s MySpace page got nuked by their customer service. As I’ve been told, this only happens when someone is doing something really (like accidental spamming worms?).

I got the computer healthy enough on Thursday that I felt comfortable enough to drive down to Los Angeles to catch the second of three performances by the Vintage Vamps at The Mint (on W. Pico). As noted previously (with photos to prove it), the show was incredible. Watching this group evolve and seeing the skills displayed has been a tremendous pleasure. The last performance of this themed show will be this Thursday at The Bordello (formerly Little Pedro’s Blue Bongo). If you can make it, do so – it’s well worth it!

Friday was my off day, so I worked on reloading Photoshop and worked on various photos (playing catch-up again). That night I worked on a bit of mischievous duplicity involving my wonderful daughter. Friday was Brenna’s birthday and for months she’s been nagging, questioning and commenting to me about Fright Night LA, the event I shoot monthly at the CIA. During the week I told her that I’d asked [livejournal.com profile] dirtnap13 whether she could come out, and he’d said no. In actuality, Noah told me I could if I kept an eye on her. Given that, I kept Brenna in the dark and got my son, Trish and friends in on the story that I was taking her to a movie at Universal Citywalk. I dropped off Chris with [livejournal.com profile] yesayelien and we headed into north Hollywood. Conveniently, I needed to pull off for gas at Burbank Blvd and we started looking for a gas station. I didn’t like the prices at the ones I say and funny, but we ended up in front of the CIA just before the doors opened. I surprised her pretty much completely. I want to thank everyone for allowing this and playing along. It was great.

After watching the first movie (The Indestructible Man), the musical performer was Cabinet of Curiosities. They can best be described as a Parisian, Goth, lounge act - Very sultry and dark, harkening back to the beat era. While shooting the show, I chatted with Veronique Chevalier, a reporter for Blue Railroad.com, a new web magazine covering the music and entertainment industry. She asked for one of my performance photos for her upcoming article, where I’d get publishing credit. No problem. Watch their website for whether or not it shows up. Anyways, following the performance, Brenna was zonked out by the time we stopped by Eileen’s where Chris was. He was wide awake and feeling energetic (so he’d said), so given moving him was easier than moving her, we packed and drove home. They were both dead asleep before we got out of Canyon Country.

Saturday a lazy, slow and relaxed day... The kids slept in and later on, I took them to Red Robin for her birthday dinner. This was the wonderful kind of day where everything was able to move in slow motion and there was no need to change it.

Sunday, I hooked up with [livejournal.com profile] abitbattyhere and her hubby [livejournal.com profile] mgnficntbastard for photographic mischief. More stuff to follow tonight. I have a couple announcements of note.

Date: 2007-03-13 04:16 pm (UTC)
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I've never seen anyone's Myspace account taken away. Must have been big.


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