Mar. 12th, 2007

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Abandoned Places – North Lancaster Dairy

It seems to surprise people in other parts of the world (and even southern California) that the Antelope Valley used to be a major agricultural region for the state. When the farm economy went into free-fall due to failing ground water reserves, many farm owners saw the writing on the wall and turned to other work or sold out. In this case, the majority of this former dairy farm (main house and storage barns) lies within a construction company’s walled and gated property. Just outside the site were the remains of the farm’s former dairy barn. My son and I investigated this site in November of last year.

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While on the updating binge.. The previous week has been busy. After a lot of loading, reloading and creative searching, I’ve got the primary home computer about 95% healthy. There were way too many nights spent on the phone with Microsoft Customer Service (in New Delhi) to get portions of the configuration files loaded and be sure that things work. In the final analysis, I lost all the documents and personal pictures on the C drive/My Documents directories, but fortunately had already backed up all my music and photos to the external hard drive. As a curious bit of happenstance, the week that my PC was down, Trish’s MySpace page got nuked by their customer service. As I’ve been told, this only happens when someone is doing something really (like accidental spamming worms?).

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