Dec. 12th, 2007

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Jeffersonville - 2007
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Normally I've wanted to show the unique, obscure or up and coming bands here, but not today. Every time I listen to this, I get a smile on my face. Now that I've seen it, I'm definately grinning. The band used scores of celebs and normal folks alike to create this allegory to becoming (or staying) famous.

Nickelback - Rockstar (clean)

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Like I said in previous posts, I was extremely busy this summer exploring and photographing places new and old. Normally I don’t like going back to old sites as I prefer to keep the image of the place locked from the first visit. On this trip, my partner and I visited 4 locations on and close to US Highway 395 in the western Mojave Desert.

1. The Hawes Communications Bunker (Visit #4 because she wanted to see it);
2. The Atolia Tungsten Mines (4 miles square – 100+ mine openings);
3. Randsburg, CA (A Class C “living” ghost town – 300 houses, 78 residents);
4. XXXXX Minimum Security Federal Prison Camp (This required two visits)

The Atolia Mine District could be easily described as a vast but unnoticed wasteland on the edge of US Hwy 395. To the untrained eye, the passerby on the highway would only see a few towers and a small, care-worn industrial complex. In fact, these few visible sites don’t truly indicate the extent of a nearly 40 square mile district that once included a town (west of the highway) and over 400 mine shafts or shallow drifts which employed nearly a thousand personnel.

The area that we explored lay on the east side of the highway and required extreme caution. This area contained probably between 100 to 200 pits, shafts and drifts; numerous unstable piles of debris and mine tailings; equipment, and industrial waste. Boys and girls, this is a very dangerous place. Subsequent to our visit, I learned that the property is privately owned and that owner is well known for calling the county sheriff on anyone she sees in the complex.

Atolia (The Wasteland – Mines and exteriors)

Miles and miles, of miles and miles (20 behind the cut) )
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Sadly this October was the last edition of Fright Night LA in its current version. Our illustrious host Noah K, decided to take a break from this event while preparing for Bat’s Day #10. Normally I would post the images to Fright Night the week before the next month’s edition. Since there wasn’t to be another one to follow (until next year), I didn’t make a reminder in my calendar to post these in November. I’ll make up for that lapse now.

Old friends and new, gather ‘round (18 behind the cut) )
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I added this yesterday but thought that I should point it out here too.

Friending Policy
Feel free to friend me if you like, though I'd ask you to send a brief introduction comment or message. Don't get upset if I don't friend you back in return (immediately or ever). All of my photography appears on the public side of this journal. Family and private matters stay as "friends-only" posts. As I get to know 'you' either in person or in commentary, I may add you. Don't be surprised though if I should drop an ocassional comment into your journal in the mean time.


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