Jan. 9th, 2008

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Vasquez Rocks - 2007

For those of you in the Los Angeles basin who have never visited Vasquez Rocks near Agua Dulce (on CA 14), you're missing out on a gem. Long a favorite site for movies and model shoots, Vasquez Rocks County Park is worth a visit.

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One of the things that I've noticed in the primary election yesterday in New Hampshire was the heavy turn-out by voters. Before that in Iowa, caucus participation was equally heavy. Today none of the new services seem to be picking up on a possible trend. Americans are taking very substantial and significantly increased interest in the election process. In Iowa, the numbers I read showed a nearly 40% increase in voters across the board. I haven't seen figures from NH, but the reports of polling sites making emergency requests for more ballots due to "record heavy turn out" is very heartening.

I hope this trend continues
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Reporter Paul LaRocco for The Press-Enterprise in San Bernardino contacted me via E-mail today. He brought this to my attention.


"San Bernardino County sheriff’s detectives continue to seek the public's help locating people with information in last weekend's shooting deaths of a teenage couple at an abandoned High Desert military bunker.

Cody Thomson, 18, of Apple Valley, and his girlfriend, 16-year-old Bodhisattva "Bodhi" Sherzer-Potter, of Helendale, were found dead Saturday afternoon at the old Hawes Auxiliary Field bunker, where they had attended a party the night before, sheriff’s officials have said. Both failed to return home Friday night, and a friend who returned to the party site looking for them Saturday discovered the bodies, officials said.

Detectives said Wednesday they believe they have interviewed the majority of teens who had attended the party Friday night but no suspects have been identified. A motive also has not been released.

Both teens attended the Academy of Academic Excellence in Apple Valley. Anyone with information is asked to call detectives at 909-387-3589 or the department's anonymous tip line at 1-800-782-7463."

All I can say is damn...

EDIT: (10 Jan 07; 11am pst) I just got off the phone with Paul and he is planning to contact me if further info is released to the public. He will be going out to the site shortly to document and photograph where these kids were found. By all accounts, the story has surprised and shocked many people familiar with the site.

EDIT 2: The Los Angeles newspapers and news channels have picked up the story now.
Parents and Friends React in Double Murder (w/photos)


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