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I learned last night that a friend in the burlesque community died suddenly. Brian Chic was a noted song writer, musician, comedian and truly unique burlesque performer. Although he dabbled in many performance venues, Brian was regarded as the premier bullwhip artist on the west coast and probably in the United States. Brian could almost casually snake a 9 to 12’ bullwhip out and carefully strip his lovely performance assistant of their costume. He could remove items from their hand and seamlessly entwine their body in the coils with style and grace. In person, Brian was a consummate gentleman. He and I chatted many times after performance we were at, and he was always an easy-going, relaxing force in the venue. More than a few times, we chatted about our mutual roots in the Louisville area.

Brian passed from this world unto the next on Saturday, June 23rd. At present, I haven’t heard what the cause might have been, but his passing is confirmed on his website (www.brianchic.com). Without a doubt, Brian you will be missed.

Here’s he’s tending one to the Concubines during the Cabaret Des Vampyrs – Pony Act

Here’s seen performing with the lovely Akira at Lolita LeVey’s

These photos don’t do him justice, but merely offer a taste of the talents this man was famous for. Rest in peace my friend.

Brian’s last major performance was at:
Comedy Grab-Ass, at The Victory Variety Hour at the historic El Cid Theater

And he was scheduled to perform at:

Paul Zollo’s: Night of Standards, on June, 29 2007 at KULAKS WOODSHED
5230 1/2 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood, California 91607

Here’s some links of other photos and recollections.



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