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While recovering data and photos from a dead external drive I found a few sets needing to be re-edited and uploaded.

Winter 2011 - Decatur, AL

Driving the back roads between Huntsville and Florence, my wife and I saw this 1950's era farm house. Despite the storms and tornadoes that frequent the region, this little brick house seemed to have been much loved. It sat forlorn on the side of a busy highway in the February chill. Road improvements cut off the driveway and raised the roadbed nearly 2 feet (.6 meters), so I had to park my vehicle a little ways from it and walk in.

Abandoned 003FCa

Abandoned 005FCa

Abandoned 009FCa

Abandoned 011FCa
Nature seemed hesitant to try and reclaim this sturdy warrior.

Abandoned 013FCa
.. but Nature is hard to be denied...

Carefully noting there was no signs barring entry and many doors and windows open, I cautiously stepped onto the porch.

Abandoned 015FCa

Abandoned 014FCa
Looking inside, the gloom was oppressive so I had to use flash to break the veil.

Abandoned 017FCa

Abandoned 021FCa
The living room and hallway was highlighted in black. Tasteful yet a little creepy, this had the effect of sucking the light out of the room even in mid-afternoon.

Abandoned 020FCa
The small dinning room area had cheerful blue highlights

Abandoned 026FCa

Abandoned 032FCa

Abandoned 034FCa

Abandoned 035FCa
The single bath, mirrors to the past..

Abandoned 037FCa

Abandoned 046FCa

Abandoned 047FCa
The owner or their family made a halfhearted attempt to renovate and add some modern conveniences to the place, but the warped floor and cracked foundation/walls, meant that more serious repairs were needed. It didn't appear that anything serious had been done with the house in over 8 to 10 years from the receipts and "use by" info on the paints.

Abandoned 049FCa

Abandoned 051FCa

Stepping back out into the cold February afternoon, the mood and sky had lightened. It was as if the old house had breathed a sigh of relief that no ill had come from the visit or that someone still appreciated it.

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