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I finally have enough working brain cells today that I feel up to writing the weekly family update. Up until this morning, the best I could muster was the nature photo and a bit of drool, but I now feel rested and recovered from the Bats Day week o’ mayhem. Overall, I’m really pleased with how things went.

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Three days of Gothy mayhem;

Several thousand participants;

Working my arse off chasing photos;

Saw five (of six) incredible bands;

Shopped dozens of merchants;

Low 90's (30 C) and 40% humidity each day;

Working 18 hours each day;

1600 2400 photos shot (changed based on battery use and frame count);

Experiencing the event from this perspective -

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I'll be there photographing the mayhem. Won't you?
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Ah night time, the natural environment for the inspired Goth, punk, zombie child, dead hed or raging industrial. As darkness fell, the shadows and ghosts drifted out to commune with the grim grinning ghosts at The Haunted Mansion.

These are a continuation of the day shot highlights. Due to some previously mentioned issues with my camera and lens, there were some minor issues with focal quality of some shots – apologies. The group shots are first and two are thumbs for a pair of extremely large format shots (22” x 13”) first. These are followed by night shots.

Before cutting to the photos, I’d like to very sincerely thank any and all of the folks I caught in these images. I really enjoyed doing these shots and playing off the creativity and expressions of the subjects. If you see yourself, and want a large format copy or if you liked how I did the shots and want to do more, please get in touch with me either:

jjmaccrimmon or jjmaccrimon –at- gmail * dot * com.

<b>GROUP PHOTOS</b> – Some extremely large format group photos are available by clicking the smaller version )

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Bats Day is a great event. Whether you’re old school, new school, or just burned down the school; this is one of the great opportunities to bring a very, very diverse group of folks together.

These are a continuation of the day shot highlights. The night shots and group photos will be posted tonight. I would offer a group photo now, but the smaller format these I loaded in, just don’t do them justice. I want to upload a couple large format group shots, but I will hide them behind a cut and a redirect most likely.

These are from the early afternoon (just before the group photo) through dusk.

True family values – mwahahahahahaha!!!

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I have to say this right up front, my kids and I had a fricking amazing fun time at Bats Day this past Sunday. For those of you reading my journal for the first time, or possibly hiding under a rock for the past few months, Bats Day is when the Goths, punks, dead heds, and industrial rock crowd invades the Magic Kingdom. Thousands of tragic, black clad, angsty, fun loving folks from around the world descend on the park at the appointed day.

This was without a doubt one of the best trips to Disney we’d ever had. Good weather, moderate crowds and cool folks roaming the park. I took over 340 photos of various players, participants and family in the course of a 12 hour day there. Most of the shots came out great, but a few seem affected by camera problems.

These are highlights of some of the day shots. In the next post which will include night shots, I’ll include a gallery link. I’d give the link now, but I still have about 60 photos to reformat and want to have them all available. On with the show!

What better way to start off. We ran into this young lady and her mom near the old Carnation Restaurant, now the Junior Chef Baking Complex

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OMG, what a weekend!

I managed to get to sleep in one morning this weekend (Saturday) and it was a very good thing indeed. I had planned to sit back and relax all day following Hell week at work. Instead, I drove up to Ridgecrest to take some artwork back to Ariana [livejournal.com profile] aniju_whitewolf. We chatted for for the better part of an hour. Overall she’s doing well though seriously bummed about lack of a job still. After leaving, I decided to do something I have in very lax in accomplishing over the last few months – I went exploring (solo). From 3 to 7pm when I finally turned my weary, dirt covered XTerra homeward, I when to and shot photos at no less than 6 different locations (several with multiple buildings). In the process, I got stuck in the sand once, and found more evidence of my mystery transient “Felicia” (West Lancaster house).

Given everything, I finally got the kids fed, and to bed far later than normal, and tried really hard to get some rest for Sunday’s festivities. What festivities?? Why "Bats Day at the Park.", of course We joined around 3000 to 4000 dyed in black Goths roaming the "Happiest place on Earth" and bringing a certain measure of reality to the pastel clad tourists. I shot something over 350 photos of the event and managed to drag the family home at around 12:20 this morning. Needless to say, I’m dragging just a bit at work today. It was worth it!
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As it seems that LJ is increasingly my connection to the outside world, there's a little event coming up that I need to let my readers know about. Bats Day in the Park is the day the "Happiest Place on Earth" is invaded by the "Gloomiest People on the Planet." Still no clue?

On August 20th, after two days of preliminary mayhem, Disneyland will be invaded by several thousand goths, industrials and dead-heds in the annual swathed in black ritual known as "Bats Day." Yours truly and the kids will be there. I've already bought our tickets (freakish expensive) for the freakishly fun day. Last year I shot some photos with Brenna's camera, which much to my huge surprise, atually were fairly popular. This year, I'm taking my SLR and going to shoot a bunch of images (I should have a working computer by then to download them).

If you want a sample of the anticipated fun and sights check out my gallery from last year.

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30th January, 2006. 12:47 pm.
Looking for a production artist.

Does anyone want a job? My company is looking for a freelance Production Artist.
Email me at gargoylguy(at)aol(dot)com with a resume and samples.

If you could please send them in PDF format that would be the best.



Also from [livejournal.com profile] dirtnap13

30th January, 2006. 1:10 pm.
Edit: Bats Day 2006 Dates

Ok I am posting this again in case your cache has not refreshed yet and you are seeing the old Bats Day Banner.

Bats Day in the Fun Park 8 weekend 2006
August 18, 19, & 20th, 2006

Friday Aug 18th - Special Event @ the Hotel
Saturday Aug 19th - Bats Day Black Market 2006 / Nightmare before Bats Day 4
Sunday Aug 20th - The Spooky Trip to Disneyland
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28 Aug 05

There’s always a certain measure of madness in going to Disneyland, but perhaps this was a closer measure of my insanity. Could be.. 12 hours in the Southern California sun, wearing copious amounts of black clothes, thigh high boots and shepherding screaming psychotic children (mine) in the grand-daddy of modern amusement parks. Oh and should I also mention that this is Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary?... Probably… Either way, BATS Day was fun!

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Everyone says weekends are for resting. Everyone except me apparently.

Friday - Full day at work, followed by a late viewing of The Brothers Grimm.

Saturday - Thought I was going to Disney, but (fortunately) discovered BATS Day was really on Sunday. Instead of sitting around the house, we drove north into the desert and took an impromptu abandoned sites expedition (woo hoo). In the 107 degree Mojave heat, we wandered around an abandoned (tire/auto) test track, which was built over a previously abandoned airfield. Then we drove northwest, to recon the Tropico Gold Mine complex. We only got external shots there since the site is posted. I'm following up on some leads to get me in this week. Then we drove further north along Tropico Mojave road to find an abandoned (and semi-intact) gas station garage complex. We decided that really wasn't enough, so taking some suggestions from a new friend (Angie), we drove out to West Lancaster and scoped out several farmsteads along Ave H.

All in all, I shot 5 rolls of film, and Brenna shot about 104-107 digital pics. The film's developed and I'll start posting these in the coming weeks. A number of the photos taken at midday, while wandering the test track, suffered from substantial light wash-out. I've never seen this happen with my 35mm camera, so I may need to change film and shot technique to accommodate. Slower film speed and a polarizing filter for midday shots I think should work. We'll see. I think the film to digital pictures can be filtered, but if not I may be expediting the process of going to digital.

Sunday - Sadly my scheduling confusion dorked up my chances to finally meet Angie. ::sigh:: It never fails... Vikki was going to bring her to practice on Sunday morning and I was going to get to see the cool Sony digital camera she now has. Hopefully she'll forgive me for not making it.

Instead, I packed up the kids early and drove to Anaheim for BATS Day at Disney. To note, all of us dressed in varing amounts of Black. Brenna tricked out in nets, mini corset, and black pants (not bad for a 12 year old). Gotta love Chris because without any prompting or suggestion, he chose a black Luxor (Casino) T-shirt and dark shorts. Me? I put on one of my black Ren Shirts, jeans and my thigh-high fencing boots. What's humorous is I kept getting compliments on the boots all day.

We got to the park at around 8:30 and started making our way through the masses of (mundane) humanity. At first I was a little concerned, because while walking in, saw no-one in attire. While waiting for the tram, they started to appear. By the time we were actually in the Park and strolling down Main Street USA, more and more came out of the proverbial woodwork. Many nods and comments of "Happy Bats Day" (even from Disney staff) were exchanged, and many an odd stare or comment was heard from the "normal folks." We made it to three of the four scheduled gatherings during the day.

I'll write more on specifics about our Bats Day adventure tonight and tomorrow. I want to have pictures available. Oh BTW, Brenna and I took plenty of pictures!


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