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2012-01-06 11:01 pm
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Don Njall Olaf Hagerson - RIP

Anther friend here and in real life has died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Scott Jacqua (Don Njall) [livejournal.com profile] hagerson was a fencer, herald, blacksmith and archer, I met and became good friends with him and his wife Sandra in southern California (Caid). When I moved to Alabama, one of the first folks I knew in the region was Scott (he'd moved to Knoxville, TN the year before). Over the last year, he'd had several debilitating bouts with bronchitis and flu which weakened him.

Scott was a great friend and an advocate when I had few in Caid. He's been an amazing sounding board and offered excellent advice. I will sorely miss him.
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2009-10-01 06:02 pm
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Sad News - Duchess Kolfinna of Caid

For those who don't know, I play in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). During my time in California, I counted this young woman as my friend. My son fought in and was her Champion (in youth combat). This spring Duchess Kolfinna ("Kitty") fought along side me and the fencers of my adopted home of "The Kingdom of Meridies" at the recent Gulf Wars event in Mississippi. Long before becoming a knight in the SCA, Sir Kolfinna got her start in martial activites on the rapier field.

In sadness,

HL John James MacCrimmon

Forwarded by request

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Lorissa (Lora) <lorissais@...>
Date: Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 11:56 AM

Please cross post:

It is with deep regret and much sorrow that after getting permission
from Sven, I pass on that Duchess Kolfinna will loose her brave fight
with H1N1 today, October 1st, 2009. We all feel a great loss but
Kolfinna's family asks that her friends refrain from coming up to the
hospital. There will be a memorial at Great Western War and there will
be more information on that and final arrangements posted on the
website later http://www.kolfinna.sca-caid.org/

Thank you

Viscountess Lorissa du Griffin, OP

Chamberlain to TRMs Edward II & Mora II

King & Queen of Caid
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2008-01-19 09:50 am

Helendale (Hawes) Bunker News - ARRESTS!

According to the Los Angeles Times - Police arrested the probable suspects of the two youths.

Additionally, local authorities have convinced US Air Force authorities to destroy the site by the end of the year.



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2008-01-14 10:02 am
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2008-01-09 06:07 pm

Helendale (Hawes) Bunker News

Reporter Paul LaRocco for The Press-Enterprise in San Bernardino contacted me via E-mail today. He brought this to my attention.


"San Bernardino County sheriff’s detectives continue to seek the public's help locating people with information in last weekend's shooting deaths of a teenage couple at an abandoned High Desert military bunker.

Cody Thomson, 18, of Apple Valley, and his girlfriend, 16-year-old Bodhisattva "Bodhi" Sherzer-Potter, of Helendale, were found dead Saturday afternoon at the old Hawes Auxiliary Field bunker, where they had attended a party the night before, sheriff’s officials have said. Both failed to return home Friday night, and a friend who returned to the party site looking for them Saturday discovered the bodies, officials said.

Detectives said Wednesday they believe they have interviewed the majority of teens who had attended the party Friday night but no suspects have been identified. A motive also has not been released.

Both teens attended the Academy of Academic Excellence in Apple Valley. Anyone with information is asked to call detectives at 909-387-3589 or the department's anonymous tip line at 1-800-782-7463."

All I can say is damn...

EDIT: (10 Jan 07; 11am pst) I just got off the phone with Paul and he is planning to contact me if further info is released to the public. He will be going out to the site shortly to document and photograph where these kids were found. By all accounts, the story has surprised and shocked many people familiar with the site.

EDIT 2: The Los Angeles newspapers and news channels have picked up the story now.
Parents and Friends React in Double Murder (w/photos)
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2007-11-19 12:42 pm
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2007-07-10 12:50 pm

Notes and Motes (part1) – Brian Chic

Yes this is a rare, public post of my personal activities, but for very good reason.

I was going to get this update done yesterday but due schedules, stomach ick and getting on a serious photo editing roll at home; it had to wait till today. This past week(end) was very low key and mostly relaxed. There were notable exceptions though. On Friday night, I journeyed down to the El Cid in Los Angeles for the Brian Chic memorial celebration of life gathering. It was very heart-rending for me in many ways. Cut for length, only - please read.

Memories and comfort levels )
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2007-06-27 08:10 am
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Sad tidings

I learned last night that a friend in the burlesque community died suddenly. Brian Chic was a noted song writer, musician, comedian and truly unique burlesque performer. Although he dabbled in many performance venues, Brian was regarded as the premier bullwhip artist on the west coast and probably in the United States. Brian could almost casually snake a 9 to 12’ bullwhip out and carefully strip his lovely performance assistant of their costume. He could remove items from their hand and seamlessly entwine their body in the coils with style and grace. In person, Brian was a consummate gentleman. He and I chatted many times after performance we were at, and he was always an easy-going, relaxing force in the venue. More than a few times, we chatted about our mutual roots in the Louisville area.

Brian passed from this world unto the next on Saturday, June 23rd. At present, I haven’t heard what the cause might have been, but his passing is confirmed on his website (www.brianchic.com). Without a doubt, Brian you will be missed.

Curtain Call [6 behind the cut] )
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2005-08-09 04:13 pm
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Cough, cough – A Remembrance

So over the weekend, Peter Jennings died of lung cancer. I’ve read the tributes and anecdotes about his rich life being cut short. Apparently, he’d a heavy smoker who’d given up the habit years before but returned to it after 9/11. When it was announced in April that he was receiving chemo-therapy treatment, I genuinely hoped that he’d recover.

This isn’t a preaching session… )