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Part 2 to make it friendly to friendly pages..

Music on the personal level
Buying the Sirius Radio has been one of the best entertainment investments in a while. THe selection of music, comedy and news has been refreshing compared to the local radio.

Chris’s Mp3 player and replacement
After almost two years, Chris’s Mp3 player died following his trip to the UK. The battery failed and it dumped the firmware. It was built like most players. The battery on most of these will only last for 2 to 3 years. He got a lot out of that one. I replaced it with a Philips Songbird (4Mb). Initially I bought him an iPod Shuffle (same cost) but it wouldn’t hold as much music. He seems to like it so far though I’m a little stunned by how slow it was to sync up to the playlist he has. I’m pleasantly surprised at how well and how long my iPod has lasted. While it’s showing wear, I have the feeling that it has a bit more life left to it.

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The tabloids (on-line, print and TV) and the gossips have been raging about the F-bombs that Christian Bale dropped on the set of Terminator 4.

The more I thin about this, the more annoyed I get. To begin with, since when is it improper to verbally dress down a stupid fuck (hah!) for screwing up something that they are have been repeatedly warned about? What was he supposed to say "tutt tutt old man, please be away from yon light mechanism or I shall be mightly put out with you for interrupting my thespian crafting.."? No! I would have been just as colorfully verbose as Bale was. And do note, he was only verbally directive.

The media is failing to tell the whole story. The fact the story was leaked out by the DP of Photography's publicist (the one who got all butt hurt by CB's dressing down on the set - during a scene), leads me to think the original story was an act of petty revenge. Hypocritical little fucks they are, they know that making CB look bad and dragging his name through the mud will increase their readership.

What really irks me is the uneducated, self rightous asses who have been commenting to the situation on the major news outlets blog sites. These holier-than-thou fuck-heads cast the stones at others when they have likely used the same curse word in other situations.

Read this for the Other side of the story (from witnesses): http://www.aintitcool.com/node/39984.

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] abitbattyhere for passing along the aintitcool link this morning.

There, I've used the word just as many times as Mr. Bale fucking did :)
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Voltaire Flashback

heh heh heh Brainss

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Hello Boils and Ghouls,

I’d realized tonight that I finished a set of photos and hadn’t posted them. Due to the recent mayhem, I think it’s a bit understandable, but I want to show these off. Back in January, one of my family’s favorite local bands swung through LA on their on going national tour. Now they're back on tour, this time with OTEP! LAdies and Gents - Creature Feature!

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Yes folks you get to hear JJ's voice and the offending (?) message all on one post. Enjoy! Grummmmble grummble....
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Alright who folks, the weird shit stepped up to a whole new level and I'd really like an explanation. Someone referred my former lady-friend Angela to a casting agency in Los Angeles (by name) and gave them MY Phone number. Fess up people? Why was MY number given? What is the referral for? Why would they think Angela (who has a beautiful face - yes, but no acting experience) is a perfect person for their show?

I passed the info to her when they called here today, but if this is for something that would embarass me or her, I believe she and I deserve an explanation or an apology. It's more than a bit creepy.
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The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Teaser Trailer. Need I say more?

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This is a forwarded message. Please repost it and keep Bettie in your hearts and thoughts and prayers! (Care of Bonnie Delight)

For those of you fans that don't already know, just before Christmas, Bettie (who is 84 years old now) was admitted to a hospital, suffering from a combination of pneumonia and a kidney infection. Bettie has improved slightly but is still unable to speak. In mid-January, she was moved to a nursing home where she is still receiving a lot of care. Let's all put her in our
thoughts and prayers.

If you would like to send her well-wishes, cards may be sent to the following address and they will be forwarded along to her.

Bettie Page
c/o CMG Worldwide
9229 West Sunset Boulevard
Suite 820
West Hollywood, CA
90069 USA
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Yahoo news just reported that four of the major studios have unilaterally cancelled or opted out of over 65 writer's contracts for on-going or developmental shows. The studios seem to be giving up on not only this year's shows, but next year's as well. Common sense and economics says that giving up a couple pennies on the dollar to the writers wouldn't hurt the bottom line much for the big studios. It also says that production on US based shows is all but dead. Expect to see a crop of shows with "reality" themes, or filmed outside the US, or worse..

Ref: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080115/ap_on_en_tv/hollywood_labor
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Mayhap PC is indeed dying.. Disney may release "Song of the South" DVD



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