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The treatments continue. Drugs, sleep deprivation and electroshock ‘therapies’ were all used to soften up the patient’s mind and help remold it if it was possible. Used on the sane by a less than well meaning professor, it’s called torture and enough to drive someone truly mad.

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Madness - Admission

Why is it that madness is all something we fear deep down. I’ve long believed that the line between madness and brilliance is a very one. For that matter, who determines which side of the line you’re on – the sane or the insane. In the recent past, it took very little to determine that someone had crossed that line.

In some cases, a well placed “endowment” to a remote institution could land a “beloved” relation into an asylum for evaluation or “treatment”

What if after a night of drinking with your new spouse or dinning with a relative you awoke to find yourself in a strange and frightening place?

How would you convince them you were sane or that they were mad?

This is one subject’s story..

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8:42 and we've had a grand total of 12 kids come to the house. Eight of them were friends of my daughter. This is f-ing unbelieveable. It's not like I live out in the country. When the kids came back the first time they also said that almost no-one was giving candy out. WTF Gives Huntsville?!? No Spirit here?
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Post Halloween rumblings...

Years ago, when I was a youngster, Halloween was the most wonderful and incredible night of the year (since well Christmas took place in the morning in mind of a mostly secular child). I remember that I would gleefully bounce from house to house to house thru the entire subdivision. in those days, nearly everyhouse in suburban Jeffersonville, Indiana would have the porch light on, decorations or mini haunts were up and candy available. At the other end of the equation, the streets and sidewalks were full of other kids in masks and costumes. After two hours of running from house to house, I stagger home with my haul of goodies.

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An invitation...

For the past three years, I’ve organized a tour of the some of the best amateur Halloween haunts created by some of the most the dementedly creative minds of Southern California. I was seriously concerned about what would anchor the tour. In previous years, it had been The Hallowed Haunting Grounds and Grimstone Cemetery, but both sites have ‘passed on.’ Thanks to the folks at Hollywood Gothique and through my own research, the tour will consider of sites, new, old and improved.

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For the past three years, I’ve wandered the neighborhoods and websites of the dementedly creative minds of Southern California to find the perfect amateur Halloween haunts. I was seriously concerned about what would anchor the tour. In previous years, it had been The Hallowed Haunting Grounds and Grimstone Cemetery, but both sites have ‘passed on.’ Thanks to the folks at Hollywood Gothique and through my own research, the tour will consider of sites, new, old and improved.

Boney Island

Haunt with No Name

Reign of Terror Haunt

House on Haunted Hill
This may be the anchor site for this year. Last year, they were fraught sound and lighting failures which would have made the less devout haunters give up. Instead they enlisted the aid of some VERY high end folks in the haunt and entertainment industries.

The Haunted Meyer Estate – Malice in Wonderland

These are all free sites, but most accept donations to defray the cost of the event.

I’m hoping that a couple other events/sites announce dates soon, but until then this list still offers some great options. The plan is to take the tour on Saturday, October 27th. Right now I’m debating on the meet up location, though I’m leaning towards Burbank, then heading west/north on the 101. The meet-up time would be 6:15pm and would depart for the first destination at 6:45. From whichever site we meet at, car and vanpooling would be STRONGLY recommended.

Is anyone interested in dinner beforehand?
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The November 5th Cabaret Des Vampyr burlesque show at Little Pedro's I mentioned, earlier.. Cancelled.. Gotta go on Sunday the 28th if I'm going to go. Damn, must get new flash... ::sigh::
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I’m always one for a good challenge. Organizing the chaos that is my daily routine, including the short and long term planning; all while juggling the wants and needs of my kids, is one such challenge. Just when I think I’ve gotten it figured out, Fate throws me a slider or a curve ball and I have to readjust my swing and planning. For example..

Today, I get to drive to Torrance to pick up my malcontent houseguest and aspiring model, Trish. She went down there to “visit a friend” but almost immediately new photos with her and her friend showed up on her MySpace account. Because I will have to get her and fight traffic (both ways) in LA, I can’t make it to the special Fright Night LA tonight. Wanted to stop by but I’m going to be too stressed and tired from that gawd awful drive.

The weekend is looking equally maddening. Saturday the day starts with a soccer match at 10ish for Chris, followed by a Halloween gathering / party for Brenna (at the house) from 1-4pm. After that, the question is whether or not to Haunt Tour or not. Grimmstone doesn’t open till Sunday and it is a Must See.

Sunday is the “day of rest.” Yeah right. My options for Sunday:
Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School from 2 to 5 in Hollywood (which I received a very personal invite to)

The Cabaret Des Vampyr burlesque show is going on at Little Pedro’s Blue Bongo, doors at 7:15 and show at 8pm. A second show will be on November 5th.

The Haunt Tour from about 6 to 11pm

Helping Christina get moved somewhere (location TBD)

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Nightmare Before Christmas has reopenned in the theater and I want to go see the retouched version. Check out the article below.

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I’m thoroughly and completely convinced I’m never going to catch up on any photo projects. Heh heh heh heh - Oh well

Current project status:

AV Pagan Pride Photos – (70) uploaded to computer, 10% reformatted and adjusted

Fright Night LA Photos – (180) uploaded to computer, 10% reformatted and adjusted, CD-R of originals made (Flash problems require the photos be individually checked)

Madame Lily Shoot – (160) uploaded to computer, proofs copied to CD

Kitten Rae Test Shots – (14) uploaded, 100% reformatted and uploaded to Photobucket

Ridgecrest to Mojave Wander (Felicia’s Place) – (32) uploaded, 100% reformatted and uploaded to Photobucket (posting today or tomorrow)

Ridgecrest to Mojave Wander (Revere Extrusion Plant) – (74) uploaded, research completed, untouched

On top of this, Chris’s birthday is tomorrow and that’s going to require photos for family, friends and so forth. I think this weekend is going to be one to stay home, recover and work on photos, photos and more photos.

In the vein of no good dead er.. deed goes unpunished; I was going to publish my Halloween Haunt Tour information, meet up and other activity plans today. “Was” being the operative phrase. One of the sites, The Fright Gallery in Burbank, abruptly decided to close their haunt for this year. Back to the drawing or perhaps cutting board.

Here’s what’s on tap for a tour on Monday, October 30th (In no particular order):
The Witch Castle (Studio City)
Boney Island (Sherman Oaks)
The Haunt with No Name (Tarzana)
House on Haunted Hill (Woodland Hills) and
Grimmstone Cemetery (Van Nuys)

I wish I could do this on the 28th or 29th, but several of the Witch Castle isn’t open (setting up) yet on the weekend. Opinions? Skip it and do this Sunday night (the 29th)? Four locations are probably enough. A meet up location still is TBD at this point. If it’s a weeknight, a meet up will likely not include a meal (save for perhaps fast food). My thought is the parking lot at Woodley Ave Park closest to the intersection of Woodley and Victory. Talk to me folks.. who's interested and in what?
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It’s getting to be that time of year when ghosties and ghoulies will start materializing in the yards and driveways of southern California. I am starting the organization of my annual Haunt Tour. It’s going to be hard top last year, as a legend in local Halloween “cheer” has passed from this world. Yes, the Hallowed Haunt Grounds are gone, but there are plenty of other displays dying to take its place upon the tomb of honor.

Like last year, I’m going to keep the focus on Halloween Yard Displays in the San Fernando, north LA suburbs (From Flintridge, to Glendale, thru Hollywood then out thru the western San Fernando and north to the mountains). This isn’t to say that there aren’t great displays elsewhere, but travel time and availability is best if I keep the sites relatively close together.

Once again, I'm going to post a list of the planned sites (in a somewhat planned order). These sites are being considered based on spookiness and creativity. Anyone can chase you with a chainsaw or pop up from a hiding place and startle a 5 year old. I want to visit the places where people have put in time and effort to build amazing scenes, create interesting special effects and entertain the visitors.

Last year these sites were on the tour:

Grimstone Cemetery
The Haunt With No Name
The House on Haunted Hill
Boney Island
& The Hallowed Haunting Grounds (dec’d.)

This is where I need your help and suggestions. Although many of the haunts visited last year will be back on the list (pending verification from the site creators), I want to know about more places. If you know of a cool yard haunt display, please let me know about it and if possible leave some manner of contact info for them (web site, e-mail, address, etc..).
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While I’ve been feverishly trying to reformat and upload Alaska and Bakersfield trip photos, I also came across a bit of sad new regarding a favorite Halloween attraction of mine and the kids.

At this point some of you are probably asking if JJ has completely lost his marbles, by remotely considering Halloween in late July. Believe it or not, I start planning my Halloween activities fairly early on, because without a doubt, it’s one of my favorite holidays. See, I’m a huge fan of haunted houses, and spooky places. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a real haunted site, where echoes of the past overlay themselves in uneasy terms with today’s realities; or whether it a fanciful creation of imagination, plaster, plywood and grease-paint. I love them.

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