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For those of you not on my filtered friends list, HI!

Some of you know that I was considering and planning for an art gallery type showing of my photography before I locked up a number of my posts. I realized today that I really should explain to everyone how that project is proceeding!

The first task was to chose a type of images to highlight. In the course of a poll, many of you decided that my "Abandoned Site" photography was the overwhelming favorite. I was equally fortunate to have access to a venue in which to display the images - Fright Night LA (thank you Noah [livejournal.com profile] dirtnap13 for allowing me the privilage to do so). I'm currently on the schedule to display and sell copies of my photo handiwork on September 14th. This will be the next to the last show for Fright Night LA, and my first art showing (ever).

The next task has been to select photos I want to highlight. With the help of my daughter Brenna ([livejournal.com profile] persephone1313) and my close friend Angie ([livejournal.com profile] badgerphone), we took an initial cut at chosing a batch of phones from over 4 years of work and nearly 3500 images. It wasn't an easy task and these ladies have my deepest thanks. After a few more cuts, the list is down to 60 images (35 primary and 25 back-ups). I'm going to do some editting on the actual images and cull the list down to 40 total with a preference to be at 30. I've already sent a series of images to photo processing places to print up sample proofs in various sizes.

The plan is to print:
12 - 20 images of each photo in a 5 x 7" size;
6 - 10 images of each photo in a 8 x 10 (12)" size;

Selected prints will be printed in 11 x 14" and 20 x 30" sizes, but these will be limited to a single print for the show (mounted on foamboard).

The target is to send off images to the printers in two weeks and to have them in hand the week of August 6th. This way I have time to regroup if there's troubles with any given print (I hope).

The biggest obstacle in this is merely adhering to schedule and working to get the prints ready. I keep reminding myself that this is low key and low threat while beating down the thought that I am completely out of my league in doing this at all. Who am I kidding? OK Ok , small show, small venue and surrounded by friendly faces... calm, breath... :) This ought to be fun.
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