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Alright folks, much as I hate to say it, we need to find a permanent home for the 5 month old puppy we took in. "Harrison" is a very loving, very energetic bull terrier. We took him in with the intention to keep him at best or foster/care for him at the least. We've run into several problems in keeping him that aren't his fault.

1. Our husky isn't getting along with Harrison. How not getting along? Panda is normally very loving and friendly to everyone and surprisingly everything - except Harrison.

2. Harrison is just too big and rough with our youngest child. He's knocked the little boy down several times and tried to play rough. He doesn't realize the boy isn't a puppy.

3. Tammy just started a new job which means now niether of us are home enough to play with/train him.

4. We broached the idea of another pet in the property and the landlord won't allow it.

We need to get him into a new home ASAP. Anyone game or have suggestions for rescues that might help? We took him on as a foster animal and had the highest hopes of providing him a good home. Our best intentions aren't enough.
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Folks, I need to ping someone to check in on and watch to dogs this coming Saturday and Sunday. We want to drive up to visit family and I'd rather not put them in a kennel. Anyone here in town willing to look in on the furry kids for us?
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This is just too cute.

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Donna Ricci posted this and I feel compelled to cross-post it here too. I've nearly gotten one myself (rescue) and a former girlfriend has one that would have become family had she moved in. It's worth watching.

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The pits that formerly belonged to Michael Vick are recovering well and seem to have bigger cages than he does.

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We're still getting kaia adjusted to the family and her new surroundings. Her spay wound is starting to heal, so her energy and curiousity is increasing. I'm genuinely afraid that she spend much of her life in a kennel cage from how she reacts to sounds around the house. While incredibly curious, she jumps at normal household noises and unfamiliar sights. In fact one case she growled at her own reflection in the mirror. I'm hoping as she gets used to the new inputs, and Jesse. We're making sure he gets plenty of attention and affection too. Won't do well to make him jealous. He smells her and they've briefly encountered each other at the barriers that separate them when she's out of her room. I think tonight, we're going to try to briefly introduce them in the house (Jesse on his leash and her roaming freely in the house or yard). I don't think she entirely use to dealing with him 100%.

Last night my son Chris took s few photos of her. They aren't great but they show her character.

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We picked our newest member of the family up last night. Chris and I went to Newhall to pick her up from the vet following being spayed. She was wobbly but up and a bit skittish but she maintined a wonderfully gentle and sweet disposition. We discovered that they'd named her "Kaia." The more I've thought about it and it seems appropriate. After beig around her I believe her to be a Shepherd / Black Lab mix, but please let me know if you think differently.

After getting her home last night, I walked her around the house on a leash and let her sniff a bit. We could tell that she'd not been on a leash before but she didn't fight it. I spread out a trap on the floor and took one of our old paprisan chair cushions for a bed. Then gave her a chew toy. I swear that she smiled. Without further delay, these are some rough snap shots I grabbed of her this morning (the flash didn't startle her either).


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On Sunday, a dark haired beauty came into my life and that of my family. She has the most expressive brown eyes, a tormented background and a great tail. We fell in love with her.

BTW, she’s a brindled German Shepherd mix.

On Friday, The Gentle Barn Animal Rescue called me to talk about whether I was still interested in fostering or adopting. On Sunday, they came out to the house to interview the family and to check on how a dog would be kept. They then asked us to drive out to their kennel (in the Santa Clarita hills) to look at a number of animals. We even brought Jesse, our Shepherd/Rott mix (they identified as such and pointed out characteristics) so he could meet potential companions. She didn’t have a name and they think she’s about 2 years old. We're going to call her Shadow. She was probably one of the lucky ones that hadn’t been at the abuse site long. She was still friendly and attentive to us. There was also no sign she ever had puppies.

She comes home today from the Vet after being spayed. We’re clearing out the spare bedroom for her for the next few days while she recovers. If things don’t work out, then the rescue has agreed to take her back.
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According to The Gentle Barn's website (just updated), all the doga rescued from the Lancaster cruelty site have been adopted or fostered for now. I've been wiating on a call back from the organizatioin since Tuesday, so I followed again once we got home today. I'm guessing that more than a few are still receiving major medical attention and may be available once they've recovered a bit more.

Instead we braved the foul weather and journeyed to Acton, CA where the kids and I volunteered nearly 3 hours of our time to help with the rescued farm animals at Animal Acres. We cleaned up and mucked the chickens' and turkeys' compound, hualed carried and tended the fowl. The kids agreed that yes, it was work but it was very satisfying. We'll likely be volunteering again there.

What did you do to contribute to better place and caring for endangered animal
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Ladies and Gentlemen, several days ago I blogged about a horrendous case of animal abandonment (after it was pointed out to in the Los Angeles Community by [livejournal.com profile] nebris. Folks, I drove out to the site today while wandering the west Antelope Valley and photographed the site.

For those who don't recall, over 400 animals were abandoned in squalid conditions at a ranch north of Lancaster. The person who left them EDITTED:("Ivan Callais") now has 17 felony animal cruelty charges pending against them for this set of offenses (Los Angeles County). In speaking to the volunteers who were helping to tear down the pens, this man is wanted in at least four (4) other western states for pulling this same scam. He poses as a founder of a no-kill, non-profit shelter and begs for donations while collecting an assortment of unlucky animals.

Today when I visited the site, the animals were gone, but behind the cut are images of how they lived and died. Most are either at Animal Acres in Acton or recieving major treatment at an animal hospital in Van Nuys.

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