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Last year we had to evacuate from our house in Huntsville after tornados ravaged the area nearby. Without hope of electricity for a week, we drove south of the destruction to stay with relatives. While out on the road, we happened across the former S & H Mobile Homes or better known as the Clanton Drive-In Theater (http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/16227).

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Just as no-one expects the Spanish Inquisition, NO-ONE expected such unbelievably violent storms in the region this time of year. Obviously, I'm alive as is the family here and elsewhere. This time the storms cut dangerously close to Tammy's family and Brenna at Montevallo. Fortunately for us, everyone came through without injury or damage.

To note, overnight severe weather is the worst. All of it is bad, but the late night early morning stuff leaves you unable to sleep or rest well. In most cases, I got the family to bed before 10:30p and I stayed up watching the weather reports. In some cases I sent warning txts to friends west and north of here telling them to seek shelter. By midnight, I was tired enough I couldn't stay up though the main parts of the storm was merely an hour or so way. At 1:30a and 2:10a I was jolted from my dozing by massive, house shaking peels of thunder. At 2:25 the civil defense sirens went off. Tammy who'd had a massive back spasm before bed was awakened immediately and helped gather the family in the studio downstairs. The studio is partially below ground level and my computer is here so I could check the weather alert.

The CD sirens went off throughout the county but the tornado was only threatening the furthest southeastern corner of Madison County, AL. The storm was not heading our direction so I sent everyone back to bed. All told, Amy and I got about 3 hours of sleep. Chris 5 and Tammy about 6. I'm glad we have the sirens so close, but I wish the ham-fisted siren operator would have looked at their map before lighting up their entire system.

If we're getting storms like this one now, I hate to think what spring in the south will be like.
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As mentioned yesterday, I was able to put together another abandoned site hunt today. It was an epic win. This time I brought along our friend Amy and her friend Kim. Lots of pics and some great finds.
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Yesterday, my son and I went on an abandoned site hunt. Even with the shoulder not at 100% we needed to get out of the house and be a bit less stir-crazed. I went back over several leads I've accumulated or places I'd seen off the side of the road decided on a routing to the west of town. We loaded the car, started the ignition and the satellite radio came up playing Incubus - "Dig." I sat there in stunned disbelief at the song that played during so many of my explorations in Southern California with Angie and the kids. Even Chris looked a bit surprised as the connection was made. Folks, I'm pagan. I strongly believe in fate, so perhaps this was a blessing of good hunting or a reminder of past joys. Either way, we scouted four locations and explored two and took around 75 photos. I'm working on possibly doing another hunt today (since I'm off for the Federal holiday).
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Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I wrote something substantial. It’s not been planned, it just didn’t happen. Between life events creeping up on us, trying to get the new house up to speed and other associated mayhem; blogging fell gently to the wayside for the time being. Writing, as my muse, wasn’t one of those things that needed, wanted or remotely desired being active. It merely hid in the closet napping and avoiding the general mayhem of the rest of our world. Now as things are slowly and (mercifully) steadily winding down, the muse has awoken fitfully from slumber, stretched its wearied and unsteady limbs, and now smells that change in the air that may signal fresh creativity.

Updates (in short);

1. Brenna is off to college now. In fact, we’ve made a second supply run to Montevallo yesterday to provide her with her new bank card and my old printer. She seems to be happy with college life thus far and her room-mate situation.

2. Speaking of driving to Montevallo, it was a challenge. The heavy rain, wind and low visibility made for less than pleasant conditions. In fact, south of Cullman, Tammy and I had to detour off into the boonies because the interstate highway was closed. A tractor-trailer jackknifed and blocked several lanes of north and south-bound traffic. It added an extra hour to our drive home.

3. Chris is also adjusting to new realities in the house and at school. He’s discovered he has privacy and quiet time unlike before. He’s been exploring various science (chemistry and physics) videos and wants to experiment at home. While I’m happy to foster that intense interest, I now have to find him some safe outlets. He’s also growing increasingly confident and talented musically.

4. Speaking of the house, we’re getting ready to repaint the “guest” room and probably pull out the carpet from it as well. The house is in relatively good shape but there are signs all over of many less than high quality projects done by the previous owners. The carpets appear to have been non-professionally installed. Likewise several closets have finishing and edge coverings that were miss-measured and even more poorly installed. I do have another ceiling fan to put up this evening and I bought a set of track lights to install in my (eventual) studio as well.

More to follow shortly
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Returning to the story of our summer wander across north Alabama, we got into Athens, Al and spied this old barn. My son and I pulled into a nearby mini-mall parking lot to scout it out. Since we observed a number of new "No Tresspass" signs around it and more than a few eyes on us, I had Chris stay with the car and took several photos quickly without entering the building which turned out to be a saw mill and machine shop.

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Some would say that I've saved the best for last. Between a long running bout of pneumonia with my partner and bronchitis for myself, I've been forced to delay posting these highlights of Kitti's portion of the Mustang set. I'm suppose to get with her again - soon to do a set of art nudes and suggest some other interesting shots as well.

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After a more than exciting week leading up to Christmas when I had intended to post this installment of the set, I'm happy to bring you further highlights from the Mustang set. In this case, Lolly.

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As mentioned before, four beautiful women gave me the opportunity to photograph them with a sleek powerful Mustang. One of these ladies was Raven. She had modeled years before and been a performer, but several children interrupted things a bit.

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Back in October, I got the chance to photograph four extraordinary ladies. Lindsey is a new comer to pin-up but she's got amazing potential.

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Abandoned and empty for over 25 years, the Lyric (built in 1908 as a Vaudeville House) and it's adjacent office building are now in a state of arrested decay. The theater was purchased for preservation by a non-profit which owns the nearby and restored Alabama Theater. This summer, two assistants and I recieved permission to extensively photograph both theaters and the office tower adjacent to the Lyric. Using studio lights to illuminate the gloom, these are some samples.

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing a test shoot with another beautiful young woman. "Lolly" and I met at Sleep When You're Dead in May and discussed the prospect of an Elegant Gothic Lolita shoot to get a feel for shooting and chemistry. She was incredible to work with.


Wanna see a few more?
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Back in December, I had the opportunity to attend and shoot a wonderful regional goth / fetish / burlesque / belly dance performance in Birmingham. In fact, I believe I’ve established a good working relationship with the producer Venus and Bacchus Productions. The show is called “Sleep When You’re Dead” and that month’s installment was charity themed, “Tits for Tots”, where donated toys and funds went to the local juvenile burn center in Birmingham. I met some great folks there and saw some tremendous dancing both on stage and the dance floor. With luck, I’ll be shooting this show as their official (paid) photographer in February.

Tribal dancers of the “Ultra Hip Review” performed twice during the evening. Passionate, silky and fiery would describe them well.

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Continuing in the series, I happened to find a road side shop awaiting it's fate.

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