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This has been a great week of concerts and shows already following Monday's Beats Antique show in Birmingham. It was without a doubt one of the best performances I've seen and heard. I'll write more on the show later today.

Starting with a show on Thursday, April Smith and The Great Picture Show will be in the region. If you can afford the time and the admission - GO! This is a not to be missed performance.

April 14 - Atlanta, GA - The Loft @ Center Stage (Openning for Fritz and the Tantrums)
April 15 - Hoover, AL - Barnes and Noble (Free in-store)
April 16 - Nashville, TN - Grimey's (Free Record Store Day in-store)
April 16 - Huntsville, AL - The Flying Monkey Arts Center

This is still one of Billboard's top artists for the future. Listen and see why.
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It always surprises me pleasantly to see an artist recieve such well deserved praise. Now it's coming from the mainstream. You know it would be nice if some of the late night shows would invite her to play. Might boost their ratings and get her to a much wider audience.

Just a thought..
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I wanted to get these pictures up much sooner but I also wanted April to have the first look. She has now and now you get to see them. These are images from the show held at Bandito Southside in late February 2010. At the end of May, I shot a subsequent show in Nashville, TN. The band’s performances are becoming more and more electric in how the audience reacts.

Showtime! )
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Rewind.... written on Thursday 5/27 with edits for today

Well another trip done. I think I earned some further kudos from my boss again because of my advice and planning for the events we were coordinating. I’m happy with how things seem to be developing with this organization and with what I’m getting to do in it.

I brought a ticket for Tammy to come out here with me on the next trip. I’m looking forward to giving her something of a honeymoon vacation and time away from Huntsville. I think she’s excited. I say ‘I think’ because she’s been exhausted from learning the in’s and out’s of her new job. I’m hoping that this weekend she’ll be able to sit down with me to plan the requirements for the shoot at the Lyric in early June.

After several very busy days, today I had off. I managed to get about two hours of exploring and hiking today before I decided I needed to head to the airport. First I went up to the Manitou Springs cliff dwellings and explored a bit. While pretty, I wasn’t super impressed. Next I headed back down the mountains a little ways to the Red Rocks Open Space. This is the park area south of Garden of the Gods. I hiked and roamed the trails there for over an hour. It was very peaceful and relaxing.

This weekend is going to be was a marathon of sorts. Friday was the April Smith show in Nashville. Not sure which kids we’re taking or not (Chris went, while Brenna was with friends and Tammy had to stay for a business conference). Next, Tammy and I headed down to Birmingham to drop off Michael on Saturday (early). On Sunday, we drove Brenna and Chris to Atlanta. Monday I picked up Michael again. Yeah.. too much driving.
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On the 14th of April, April Smith & the Great Picture Show did a livestream recorded concert from the Brooklyn Bowl in New York. The show is nothing short of amazing. If you haven't seen her perform, they will be in Nashville at The Basement (5/28) and in Atlanta at The Earl (5/30). These promise to be awesome shows and well worth the drive.

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Wow, when I pick’em occasionally I can really pick’em

She and the band went on NPR's Prairie Home Commanion on April 17th for a 'battle of the bands' sponsored by the show. They got to preform live.


Photos from the show:

http://prairiehome.publicradio.org/programs/2010/04/17/photos/#panel-17 WINNER



Coming to the south again!

05/28/10 The Basement - Nashville, TN 8:00pm

05/30/10 The Earl - Atlanta, GA 8:00pm

More press in Esquire Magazine:
Slide 7 of 11

Number 15 on the iTunes Pop-charts Download list

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After an absolutely incredible show on Tuesday evening at Bandito South (one of the best I've seen in years), I'd hoped to announce the anticipated follow-up show at the Flying Monkey Theatre. Instead I'm disappointed to announce that April Smith will not be making a return appearance on 3/26 on Huntsville due to scheduling issues. At this point I have no follow up date.

My sincere apologies for generating the interest and not being able to deliver.
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Alright Huntsville, we're getting an opportunity to see one of the rising stars of the music industry.

April Smith and the Great Picture Show performs at 8pm, Tuesday (2/16) at Bandito Southside in Huntsville. Check out www.aprilsmithmusic.com. This show should be incredible. Celebrate Fat Tuesday in style! NO COVER. Be ready to dance!

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I am enthralled by this sound of this band.

Wow and Flutter


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